Scholarship Information


For school year ending 2019 the Tabb High School Alumni will award one $1,000.00 scholarship.

The scholarship is designated for SENIOR students who demonstrate exemplary academic achievement, a good work ethic, and positive role model on and off school premises.

The scholarship committee will be comprised of four THS Alumni board of directors and non board attendees. The scholarship recipient will be notified by formal letter from the THS Alumni Association.

Requirements & Due Date

The applicant shall meet the qualifications outlined below, complete the entire application and return it to the THS Alumni Association via mail or email by midnight on April 30, 2019. No applications will be accepted after this time. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If mailed, please mail to: Tabb Alumni Assoc, c/o Traci Spruill 131 Robanna Dr, Seaford, VA 23696


Applicant must be a Senior at Tabb High School.

Applicant must have applied to or been accepted to an institute of higher learning or vocational school.

Applicant cannot have been awarded a full scholarship from any other source or combined sources.

An award of a full scholarship shall be defined as anyone receiving full reimbursement for tuition expenses for the institute of higher learning they have chose to attend.

Applicant, without exception, will be considered ineligible for a scholarship from the Tabb High School Alumni if they have been found, at any time, to be in violation of the standards established by the York County School Division or if any disciplinary action involving inappropriate behavior to include the use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or drugs.

Payment of Scholarships

The Tabb High School Alumni scholarship is paid directly to the institution of higher learning. It is the winner’s responsibility to notify the treasurer of the THS Alumni when tuition fees are due.

If the scholarship winner is not attending the institution of higher learning at that time, the scholarship is considered withdrawn and defaults to the THS Alumni balance.

Questions may be directed to: Tabb High School Alumni Scholarship Committee Chairperson at .