Edward Danger Generazio II (born August 2, 1990), also known as Eddie Generazio or Eddie Danger, is an American author and musician. He is best known for two works of poetry, Crimson & Caramel and The Maniac in the Coffee Shop. He is also the drummer and a vocalist in the band Black Clover. In 2012, he adopted the stage name Christian Lezzíl and began exotic dancing. Members of the public voted him the “hot

test stripper or gogo dancer” in the District of Columbia in October 2013.

Generazio was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in August 1990. His maternal grandparents, were i

mmigrants from Italy (his grandmother was born in Torre dei Passeri). Generazio’s father was a doctorate in physics and a research scientist. His mother had a master of ScienceYorktown, Virginia.[1] He attended Tabb High School in Yorktown, where he was editor of his high school newspaper (the Tiger Times) and contributed to a relationship advice column under the pseudonym “Pumpkin Joe”. He later wrote a series of editorials titled “In The Fast Lane”.[2]Generazio also became increasingly interested in music during high school as well. He played the drums, and in 2011 became a member of a new competitive indoor drumline, the Tabb X-Treme Team. The drumline team won second place in the novice category at its first competition, and second place at the Atlantic Indoor Association.[3] Generazio also organized fundraising concerts in high school to benefit local social service agencies such as Transitions Family Violence Shelter in Hampton, Virginia.

He attended Virginia Wesleyan College, where he was accepted into the Honors and Scholars Program (an individualized honors program). After grudgingly taking a required Spanish language course, he found he greatly enjoyed the language and became intensely interested in Spanish culture. He later spent a semester in Mexico, and ended up majoring in English—Creative Writing and Spanish. English literature and creative writing classes at Virginia Wesleyan also sparked his interest in poetry. While an undergraduate, he was editor of the college literary magazine The Outlet. He also spent time writing poetry, playing the guitar and drums, traveling, and bodybuilding.