In Memory of Dennis Holland

I have been putting this website together for what seems a lifetime. So many snags and glitches, and mostly just lack of time.  Many months ago I put a post on our group page asking if anyone would like to help proof the site for me.  One man stepped up (sadly, I can’t remember his name) on the group site and Dennis Holland privately messaged me and offered his help.  Being from different class years, we really didn’t know each other but Dennis is the kind of person that easily will make you feel like you’re “home.”  So, as I worked on the site and tore down the site, rebuilt the site, tore down the site, rebuilt the site… on and on… I kept in touch with him to let him know where I was in the building and rebuilding and building of it.  He was always ready and willing to get to work.  I finally got the website up and running in late March and sent Dennis a message to let him know he had clearance for “take-off” so to speak.  He told me he was in the hospital with pneumonia.  In reality, he was in the last stages of lung cancer.  I guess he didn’t want me to worry too much.  My last communication with him was on April 5th and then on April 7th a friend died.  I mourned her loss and took care of memorials for her that took up a great deal of my time.  With that now over, I went on Facebook to send him a message to see how he was doing…only to find that he had died the day before.  My grief is gut-wrenching. My friend is dead. He was a part of this website and I want him remembered as the most wonderful man that he his is and there are many that will attest to that.  So goodnite Dear Dennis.  Thank you so very much for “standing” by me, you have no idea how much that meant to me. He was a true Officer and a Gentleman.

Gina Stevens