Welcome Home Alumni!

You graduated, went off to colleges, universities, served our country, became sport stars, politicians, or just laid back in the old home town and discovered your special place within, but whatever you did, you’ll always be an integral part of this Tabb High School community.


As one of 10,000 or more living alumni, your cumulative achievements give us all a feeling of pride for our school. TabbHighAlumni.org is your link to old friends, fond memories, upcoming events and special opportunities. We welcome you to use this internet page and our *Facebook page as a resource to connect with former classmates, network with fellow professionals or find new ways to get involved in order to continue making lasting connections.

It is hoped that we all have become successful. College tuition is just so far beyond many students reach. That's why we're here, those students that show they are worthy of funding assistance are the ones we want so much to give that little boost to. We accept forms of donations as little as a dollar to the sky's the limit. You can donate an amount to go towards a scholarship or if you've been exceptionally blessed; you might want to donate a $500 or $1000 scholarship to a student we vet. Whatever you choose to do, we are very grateful for your kindness.


our mission

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is to support and promote Tabb High School (hereinafter “THS”) and its Alumni by:

(A) Fostering and maintaining alumni affiliation with THS;

(B) Sponsoring and hosting various fundraising, educational and social programs for THS and/or its alumni;

(C) Enhancing the prestige of THS in the community by publicizing and promoting the work and achievements of its alumni; and

(D) Encouraging financial support for scholarships dedicated to graduating seniors at THS;

(E) Maintaining the relationship of alumni with THS and to each other through written and other communication processes which promotes unity through camaraderie for everyone.


Meet our president, vice president, secretary, and other members who help to run our organization. We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization and would love to see other alumni become involved with this effort. Please contact us at thsaa@tabbhighalumni.org to see how you can help!


To run this organization takes a lot of time and effort and of course money. We need people to help with various projects, to include the annual mixers, website contributions (funding & input), operational cost funding, etc.


Questions? Feel free to contact us! We will respond within 24-48 hours.

Tabb High Alumni Owned Businesses

Shop, Hire, Enjoy your fellow alumni businesses and websites. Want a link to your business posted here? Send a request with your name, THS attendance years, and business information to webmaster@tabbhighalumni.org